• Image of Victorine Meurent - Pastorale (CS)

'This work is an attempt to 'deal' with a period of violent change.'

Victorine Meurent's Pastorale is an album in transition. Recorded as the author moved from an urban to a rural environment, from winter into summer, it also represents a defining chapter in the work of the Australian artist. Perfecting a deft blend of field-recordings and minimal ambient drone, Pastorale seems to project a quiet confidence in its arrangements; a confidence that produces one of Holy Geometry's most assured and satisfying releases to date.

The entirety of side B is the stand-out here, with tape manipulated field recordings wrapping around a melancholic piano segment and eerie string and drone arrangements to create something not quite of this realm.

A1. Dust on a Bowl of Rose Leaves
A2. Untitled (Pastorale)
B1. Young Cherry Trees II
B2. Bucolic (Two Movements)

Cat: HG017

Recorded July - December 2017,
Maitland, NSW, Australia.

Arranged by Jarrod Skene.

Thanks to Ryan Kent.